Data Analyst – Focus Python

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Course description

Progressive digitalisation is leading to data being recognised as a decisive factor in securing the future and competitiveness of companies. The demand for specialised employees who can effectively process and analyse data has been growing rapidly for several years. A data analyst plays a central role in the context of digitalisation. He or she is the link between the specialist departments and the executives in order to aggregate data and prepare it for data-driven decision-making. The further training to become a data analyst – focus on Python enables participants to independently cleanse, prepare and visualise data and make company-relevant predictions. Participants also acquire the skills required in the Python programming language and statistics in order to qualify for the role of data analyst or another analytical role after successful completion of the training.

In this course you will learn

  • Implement complex data analyses in the subject domain
  • Bringing together data sources (databases, APIs, web crawling)
  • Understanding the steps within a complex analysis
  • Best practices in implementing data analysis
  • Increasing competitiveness with data-driven decisions

Target Audience

The training is suitable for anyone who wants to get to know Python as a programming language and carry out data analyses themselves. You should only have a basic motivation to want to carry out data analyses independently and to learn the Python programming language in the shortest possible time.

Prerequisites for participation

No programming knowledge is required for the training. These will be developed together in the first module. However, you should have a routine in the daily use of computers and common software applications.

start date

01.01.2024, 18.12.2023, 20.11.2023, 26.02.2024, 29.01.2024